Three Times Wilsenach Van Wyk

Wilsenach Van Wyk is a well established law firm. Over time the firm extended it’s activities and eventually this led to the establishment of branch offices.  These branch office grew over time to the point where they are now fully independent businesses.

As Wilsenach Van Wyk Pretoria, we are the original office, everything started here.

So, the next time you ask Google for more information on Wilsenach Van Wyk, don’t be surprised to find multiple hits. It’s absolutely correct.

Right now, you are at Wilsenach Van Wyk Goosen & Bekker, located at Our contact details are on the Contacts Page.  We are located in Pretoria North and our Telephone is 012 565 4137.


The other offfices are

Wilsenach Van Wyk located at, Johannesburg, with Telephone  011-888-2554.

Wilsenach Van Wyk Goosen & Bekker, located in  Lynnwood Glen with Telephone 012 348 8859.



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